The Centre for Australian Military and Veterans’ Health (CAMVH) invites you to explore how we are working to better understand and address health issues affecting military personnel, veterans, and their families through:

  • research,

  • military-specific professional development opportunities for health professionals, and

  • Think Tank Forums to provide opportunities for high-level strategic input into military and veteran health issues

CAMVH produces an online newsletter that contains information about current projects and activities and date claimers for upcoming events.


  • Conference focuses on improving PTSD treatment

    Jul 31, 2014

    The PTSD and the Australian Military conference – a joint initiative between UQ’s Centre for Australian Military and Veterans’ Health (CAMVH) and the Royal United Services Institute Queensland (RUSIQ) – on 2 August brings together diverse speakers including federal Assistant Minister for Defence Hon Stuart Robert MP and many of Australia’s leading PTSD experts. Click through to learn more.

  • Young veterans need different approach to PTSD

    Jul 8, 2014

    Following the premiere of 'The Return', a play that explores the issues facing returning service personnel, CAMVH notes that a range of approaches are required to address traumatic stress. Click through to learn more.